For whatever reason, Roger Kimball has written a number of meticulously researched articles in the “New Criterion” over the years which touch on postmodernism, and their combined effect is to create a disturbing (and, alas, probably accurate) impression of the movement. This essay is largely a compilation of points from those articles and an interpretation of what they show.

A classic postmodernist position is the refusal to try to be objective on the grounds that objectivity is unattainable. One problem with this embrace of bias is that, besides helping to bring beliefs into maximum accordance with truth, attempts at impartiality…

На днях я имел возможность прочесть интересную, а также оригинальную книгу историка Вальтера Лакёра “Путинизм. Россия и ее будущее с Западом”, которая бесплатно доступна здесь. Эта книга больше, чем другие анализы России при Путине, вдаётся в историю идей и интеллектуальный ландшафт современной России.

Лакёр подчёркивает популярность среди российских обозревателей международных отношений понятия “геополитики”, которое любит употреблять, к примеру, Александр Дугин. По-моему, этот аспект особенно важен, потому что может объяснить ряд идей самого Путина.

К примеру, некий Петр Акопов пишет, ссылаясь на “президента”, что Путин имеет собственную трактовку идей Льва Гумилева — так, “для Путина важнее всего то, что он называет…

The School of Life is a London-based company co-founded by philosopher Alain de Botton which produces materials about philosophy and psychology, many of them with a self-help slant. Among other activities, it has a YouTube channel with roughly 6 870 000 subscribers as of now. I find most of the content which I have viewed on the channel quite poor and shallow, although it has been what feels like years since I last watched any substantial amount of it. In any case, this essay is about one specific item there.

It should be noted that the School of Life has…

Libertarian Alex Nowrasteh recently published a pamphlet entitled “The Most Common Arguments Against Immigration and Why They’re Wrong”. In it, he attempts to refute a selection of what he considers the most common arguments for lower levels of immigration to the USA. In this essay, I explain some disagreements which I have with the pamphlet. This is only a partial overview of the points on which I believe that Mr. Nowrasteh is in error.

He emphasises that “the risk of being murdered in an attack committed by a foreign-born terrorist is […]

small” (p.21). The decision to focus on murders in…

On 21 July, the USA and Germany reached an agreement regarding Nord Stream 2, the pipeline between Russia and Germany currently under construction. This agreement will “allow completion of the […] pipeline”, the construction of which had been interrupted by American sanctions. This is a desastrous decision.

Let us examine the reasoning behind this move. Jimmy Quinn writes:

The Biden team caved […] on the grounds that angering a key ally [i.e., Germany] would not have served any purpose and that the pipeline will be built, whether or not the U.S. imposes tough sanctions.

The rationale that such a step…

American troops are being withdrawn from Afghanistan. As we will see, this is a bad idea.

Why are U.S. forces being removed from Afghanistan? A major reason seems to be that America’s elites think there is enormous popular support for the move, supposedly due to exhaustion with a protracted conflict. This reading of public opinion has been seriously challenged by Noah Rothman, who goes through some statistics in an article in “Commentary” to demonstrate that the American people are much less enthusiastic about withdrawal than many have assumed, and large segments of the population simply do not care strongly about…

Welcome back, loyal fans! Having previously taken two feminist analyses of Disney films to task, we now turn our attention to a more recent gem, namely the chapterMy Little Pony, Communalism and Feminist Politics”¹, written by someone named Kevin Fletcher. Once again, I will quote from the text in question and offer commentary.

Mr. Fletcher writes:

The backstory to MLP: Friendship is Magic’s episode “The Return of Harmony” (2.1 and 2.2) appears to be informed by a feminist impulse (defined here as an orientation to a future without patriarchy): Princess Celestia and Princess Luna dethroned Discord, the spirit of…

Last year, Anarchist YouTuber NonCompete published a video discussing neoliberalism which, though I am not a neoliberal, struck me as a cavalcade of foolishness. The worst part of the video, in my opinion, is the segment concerning Thomas Hobbes. It is unsurprising that an anarchist should take a dim view of a philosopher who developed one of history’s most popular legitimations of the state. Still, NonCompete does a poor job of criticising Hobbes, and mostly makes himself look silly in the process. …

Recently, there has been an orgy of anti-white racism in the USA. The following is an enumeration of some examples, accompanied by a brief commentary.

On 21 May 2021, USA Today reported that Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot had declared that

she [would] grant one-on-one interviews to mark the two-year anniversary of her inauguration solely to journalists of color.

This seems a shockingly racialised way of choosing whom to grant an interview, especially coming from a mayor, who, as such, should represent all the inhabitants of her city. In justification, the mayor commented that Chicago’s journalists were disproportionately white. While this…

The general interest they garner has grown;
The papers debate their pretensions -
Deservedly so: these protesters have thrown
A tantrum of epic dimensions.

They claim to oppose some mysterious "fash",
Aid women’s and gays' liberation.
Their true aims are red as a furious rash,
The envy of every carnation.

To vent their resentment, their faces afoam,
At builders, producers, employers,
They go re-enacting the sacking of Rome;
They play the barbaric destroyers.

They swarm like mosquitoes, their faces effete,
Their writings pretentious and hokey,
Their speech a sententious and comical bleat,
Their patron saint blistering Loki.

Each rally can…

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